Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Welcome everyone! I´m Daniel B, living in london but spanish born. After many times and many others social networks i decided to start my proper blog. A way to show my passion for fashion, my feelings and my lifestyle to the world. Fashion for me is not just clothes, is a way of living. I live and work for fashion and i after 10 years working in this, i think would be impossible to do something else. Is kind of addictive... Fashion is my pills, I really LIKE MY PILLS. Autumn is here, almost winter... London is getting cold and is time to take all the jackets out of our wardrobes. So i wanted to start with my favorite shirt of this autumn! Combination of suede and color orange is the perfection, really nice leather shirt and cut that make it the perfect garment. I´m wearing it as a over-shirt with a black T-shirt underneath, loose fit denim slim ankle, colorful trainers and crocodile belt! Thanks and welcome to my pills! Feel free to comment and follow. Daniel B.
Total Look: ZARA.

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  1. i love this orang shirt